So, you’ve just set up an Instagram account for your small business and you know in order to profit from your business is to market it, right? But how do you market a service or product that no one knows about, yet? What are the necessary pieces that you need to assemble to build an effective marketing platform?

Component #1 – Target Audience

First and foremost and probably there most overlooked step in the process of planning a marketing strategy is narrowing and defining your audience. Who do you want your service or product to appeal to? The more narrowly you can define your audience, the better results you will get. Remember! Think of you audience first then move on to the next.

Component #2 – The List

Once you have the target definition, you need to identify a set of contacts that fit that profile. First, look inside the organization for contact lists.  You may have more than you realize. Salespeople’s contact lists, opt-in lists gathered from your Web site, other departments and existing customers are all sources to turn to first. People that you already have a relationship with will be more likely to read your message than a stranger.

The number of sources and variance of quality for contact lists are complex. Focus on your target definition. Keep in mind that you want to build a relationship with these contacts. If you execute your campaign as a one-time event rather than to build long-term relationships, you are going to be disappointed. To that end, ownership of the list is far better than rental if you have the option.

Component #3 – The Value Proposition
To get your message right, think about the target audience you have identified and stand in their shoes. What are the problems that they face and how can you help? Your value proposition is just that: What value can you deliver to help them improve their life in any way? Tell them, clearly and without prejudice, how you can do that. Make it real to your prospects by giving them actual examples of how you have helped other customers – this is where testimonials are important.

Component #4 – The Offer (Call to Action)
Don’t leave the conversation without offering more to those who are interested. A call to action helps you identify the prospects who need more attention. Not everyone on your list is going to buy; it’s a very small percentage that will stop to browse and pay attention to your marketing flyers or posters and a smaller percentage that will have any interest. Give them a reason to ask for more information. Case studies, whitepapers, videos, webinars and any other educational content that you can offer are all great calls to action. Offering them a full & FREE consultation is the best way.

Component #5 – The Follow-Up
Don’t forget to follow up! This is also one of the most important part of a marketing strategy. Follow up with your catch of even if their last conversation with you is from weeks or months ago. Just show them you care and share with them when you are having special discounts or promo or flash sales! Build a relationship with your audiences. Yes, business is about profit but how would you profit if you don’t have your regulars? Am I right? So, build a relationship with your consumers, interact and build a friendly persona to keep your customers interested.

Well then, ready to get started? Ready to build your business and reach for the skies? Follow these 5 key components of a successful marketing strategies and you will definitely soar sky high. Need more guidance? Mommy J can help you by giving a free consultation session about Shaklee.

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