Hello beautiful…! I hope we’re all doing great. Because sometimes we don’t feel that great. Right? Sometimes when we wake up on the wrong side of the bed, all hell breaks loose! Well, this is because it is so simple for us to get caught up in life’s craziness, and we turn into our own crazy. Have you ever sit down and think, when was the last time you really let your hair down and slow down. When was the last time you breathe properly without hyperventilating? We tend to forget all the simple thing is the thing that we really need sometimes to unwind and take care of our inner beauty – which does reflect to the health of our skin.

Here are simple ways give yourself a break, as well as your skin a chance to glow:

Step #1 Breathe and go for a facial
Take a moment to treat yourself to a day spa and get a deep cleansing facial as well as a deep tissue massage. Feeling great just by reading this right? Imagine the real thing. It’ll be heaven. Damaged skin needs daily care and more intensive treatments to assist in keeping skin healthy and beautiful for life.

Step #2 Breathe and have a good laugh
Have you ever heard the phrase, “Laughter is the best medicine!” It’s good for your soul and great for your skin. Laughter is as good as an aerobics exercise. It delivers more oxygen to your body and brain which helps you feel more energetic and healthier. The benefits for your skin are just as good. Studies show that laughter increases blood flow, boosts collagen and relieves the stress that causes frown lines and wrinkles. Laugh a little more and your skin care regime has begun!

Step #3 Breathe and take a power nap
Whether you’re sleep deprived or not, a power nap is a good way to look after yourself and your skin. A 15-30-minute power nap is known to re-energise your mental alertness, boost your memory and reduce the inflammatory effect on your skin, leaving you refreshed and ready to take on the rest of the day, beautifully. Sleep is essential for beautiful skin.

Step #4 Breathe and work out
Regular exercise is crucial to a healthy body and skin because it increases the supply of nourishing oxygen-rich blood and nutrients to your skin cells. When you get your heart pumping, your skin receives a good dose of oxygenated blood and starts to produce more of its natural oils, helping it look healthy and beautifully radiant.

Step #5 Breathe, keep calm and go…. offline.
The dependency on our tech may help us organise our lives, but going offline, just for a little while, has positive effects on our bodies, minds and skin. Screens emit High-Energy Visible Light which penetrates and harms the skin. Powering down can help you reconnect, charge up both mentally and physically.

Step #6 Breathe and be present
Practising mindfulness reduces stress levels and increases immunity – both crucial to your skin’s health. You can practice mindfulness wherever you are. Try meditation, relaxation or take a moment just to breathe.

Feeling stressed and overwhelmed with life’s craziieesssss?? We all go through that sometimes. We just need to stop, slow down and breeeaaatthhhee. When the body is stressed out, the skin also suffers. So, stop stressing! Follow the flow, meditate and live life beautifully.

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