Every lady desires to be beautiful and most of the time, pretty hurts. But the utmost beauty is when a woman possess or is blessed with clear, smooth, soft, flawless, and beautiful skin. Unlike the women and men of the 18th century, during the Regency (1811-20) and Napoleonic Wars (1803-15), the aristocratic and affluent men in Britain slowly abandoned the silk outfits, high wigs, and heavy white paste faces and paints that had been ever so popular amongst them. The men during the 19th century adopted a more masculine appearance during the war.

So as Admirals and Generals became national heroes, so wealthy gentlemen took inspiration and went for a more masculine and rugged look. As for the ladies, they have totally gone off or limit the use of makeup during or soon after the French Revolution, except for a little bit of rouge on the cheek. Churchmen preached against women with painted face, pointing out that they are no different from prostitutes or godless escorts and that they are ill repute. The Church of England, alongside with Britain’s empire was firm on their decision of bringing purity and modesty back to women of all lands. Queen Victoria even denounced painted faces as obscene.

By around 1850s, while men with feminine characteristics are still applying make-up, women in the other hand were already adopting a more subtle and bare faced application. It was during this decade Crème Céleste became so popular amongst modest women. This facial cream was a blend of white wax, spermaceti (from an organ inside sperm whale’s head), sweet almond oil, and rosewater. This facial cream had highly moisturizing properties, it could reduce the appearance of blemishes and gave a smoother look and before long is known as chilly cream. Because makeup application was strictly frowned upon due to high religious values, skin were more popular during this era. But before Crème Céleste was even on the market, in 1846, a company called Pond was formed, and they had two facial creams, Pond’s Cold Cream & Pond’s Vanishing Cream. These two product is still used to this day, how amazing is that!

Their beauty regime doesn’t stop at cold creams, typically, ladies of a higher status, always ensure that they are well-groomed; plucked eyebrows or perhaps trim their eyelashes even, and dab castor oil onto their eyelids and lashes. And because makeup was a big no-no, to hide freckles, blotches or redness, they would dust rice powder, zinc oxide or, the most expensive option will be pearl powder; which was a mixture of chloride of bismuth, French talc, and silky white and lustrous cosmetic powder. To give the skin a healthy glow, the pale skinned and privileged lady of class will use red beet juice or carmine dye on their cheeks, and for bright eyes, a drop of lemon or orange juice in each eye; which was considered a cleansing method at the time.


Some of the beauty methods are still used to this day, some can stay in that era and not make a comeback! Especially the lemon eye drop for a glowing bright eyes. That must hurt our ladies back in the 19th century. Thankfully, to get bright glowing eyes, we have Youth’s Restoring Eye Treatment to give the skin under the eye a bright and maintain its youthful look. Another Shaklee product that could help maintain the health of your eyes is the CarotoMax! The carotenoids in CarotoMax® are powerful, fat-soluble antioxidants that have been implicated in the long-term health of the eyes, prostate, cervix, lungs and heart. Research also suggests that arotenoids, working together, support a strong immune system. As for beautiful skin, try the Youth skin care range to keep your skin blemish-free, smooth, youthful and bright! To get your hands on these wonderful products, do contact Mommy J for a free consultation and the best deals for Shaklee products!

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