YES! There are some companies who are asking their distributors to stock up products to be stockists or to pay monthly maintenance fees to maintain their membership account. So, what about Shaklee Business?

In Shaklee, NO. You don’t have to pay monthly commitment fees or to stock up anything. All you need to do is to place orders once your customers banked in to you.

EASY isn’t it?



There are 2 methods to join as a Shaklee member.

  • Purchase anything from Shaklee with 200 uv and above to entitle for a free membership worth RM75.00 (including the delivery fees of a starter kit)
  • Pay RM75.00 including the delivery fees of a starter kit.

Once you are a Shaklee member under Mommy J, you will get all the benefits below.

  • Purchase anything from Shaklee at member price for a total discount of up to 30% from the retail price
  • Monthly promotions and special deals for members ONLY.
  • Opportunity to earn side incomes with Shaklee.
  • Opportunity to travel around the world with Shaklee.
  • Learn all about Shaklee business with Mommy J.
  • Lifetime coaching from all top leaders and personal 1-1 coaching from Mommy J.

You will learn all the basic steps from A to Z how to start your Shaklee business.


SO, there are many of my friends actually Whatsapp and asked me..

“Eh, how much can we earn by doing Shaklee?”

“Sure ah, got people buy from you?”


The answer is simple, SKY is the LIMIT! =)


You can earn any amount you like from Shaklee provided you put in your effort and be consistent. There is no free money in the world. Everything comes with hard work as well.

My first bonus from Shaklee in August 2016 was RM 91.28! I was shocked haha. At first I just want to try out, post for fun using my personal Facebook without any marketing experience and much product knowledge yet and within 10 days, I managed to earn RM 91.28. good enough right? Haha



Then, everyone in the group was showing their bonus. OMG! Some were getting RM 1-2K, some were getting RM 5-10K, some were more than RM 20K. Hmm.

So, I challenged myself to work hard in Sept 2016 to rank up as Supervisor. Studied the products well, learned all the marketing and branding strategies from the leaders and pushed myself everyday haha. AND I managed to rank up as Supervisor in Sept 2016 with a total sales of RM 10,000. My 2nd bonus was about RM 1.8K.



I was excited! And happy at the same time when all my customers came back to me and thanked me for introducing Shaklee supplements to them.

Health is Wealth.

So I decided to continue and try my very best to help more people to be healthy and pretty and at the same time earning some extra side income for the super high cost of living in Bintulu -.-” Believe it or not, my personal monthly commitment is above RM 6K every month!! Crazy right? And Baby Jay Boutique is still a baby and I really need to inject in lots of capital.

Life was tough back then when I was a fulltime working mom, part time Shaklee Independent Distributor and managing Baby Jay Boutique during weekends. My tips for all working moms with kids are to manage your time well by writing down task to do everyday and use all the technologies to help you in doing ads hehe.

If I can do it, WHY not you?

From Supervisor, I became Senior Supervisor, then Coordinator, then Senior Coordinator and lastly Key Coordinator until now. 2 more steps for me to be Shaklee Master Coordinator! Can I make it by 2019? Pray for Mommy J ya.

I am not going to tell you how much I am earning with Shaklee but I would say sufficient to cover my monthly commitment and having some extra for savings. You will know once you join us! Hehe.

I am in this business for almost 2 years and TGG has grown so big now! Mommy J has 1 Senior Key Coordinator, 2 Key Coordinators, 1 Senior Coordinator, 4 Coordinators and 40 Senior Supervisors and Supervisors in our team.

Wanna join our super FUN and EXCITING team?

I won’t promise you big income but I assure if you put your effort in Shaklee business, you will earn at least RM2,000 and above.

START TODAY. Your future will thank you for the decision you made today.



Whatsapp: +6019-2116800 and let’s chit chat =)



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Libra Cruise Trip 2017

If you wish to know more about Shaklee business and Shaklee products, do contact Mommy J for a free consultation and the best deals for Shaklee products!

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