How to achieve anything and everything in life? Can someone get anything and everything their heart desires? Some go crazy thinking about being successful and be an achiever of something because it’s not easy, and crave for it but don’t know how to do it. Some feel it impossible due to constant rejection and get extremely demotivated. Then how do you get up and strive forward? It’s hard not to fall flat on your face because when you dream of something big, you gotta go hard or go home! So, here’s 10 tips to achieve your dreams – and something to get you started. Remember, this is just a guideline, the basics, all the hardwork has to come from you. How much do you want it – that is how much you have to work for it.

How committed are you in achieving your dream?

No. 1 Focus on your commitments, and not motivation, and you must have a plan! And because this is the key, it is broken down to 4 parts  – Devotion, seek your truth, set realistic goals, and substitute.

How badly do you want it? Your devotion to your dreams are the ultimate key to success. Devote you time, at least 15 minutes a day to plant the seed of change. Change it up and don’t be stuck doing the same thing because your body will be stuck and stagnant if you’re always doing the same old workout routine, and you’d end up being more miserable.

And don’t keep denying the truth. You want to be happy with your results? Then be real, be honest with yourself, if not, you’ll never be able to stick to your plan and keep your eyes on that goal. Behavior modification studies shows that human tend to repeat habits that makes us feel good. For example, if you want to healthy, you’d need to stop stuffing deliciously unhealthy junk down your throat – but instead eat a healthy and balanced diet. Let us be real, to have a healthy fit body, you will need to be true to yourself – this takes discipline and hard work. You will need to eat healthy and exercise 4-5 times a week! Your hot bod will not come by you eating junk and Netflix all day, right? So, same applies to your goals in life. The larger the payoff, the more you will need to work at it. Nothing great comes by easy, that is just it.

Set realistic goals. Baby steps. Don’t take it too many at a time, you will be overwhelmed with it. For example, if you have been a smoker for the last 20 years, stopping cold turkey might backfire and will not work well. Same goes to dieting, or eating healthy, don’t just stop eating to lose weight, but instead, cut down. Face it, good things doesn’t come easy. You won’t want an overnight success, you will need to work from the bottom and up, so you’re foundation is stronger, and much more stable. Build at it step by step, spend months developing a new pattern of behavior before adding in anything else into your plate – one behavior at a time to achieve greater results.

Slowly divert from bad habits. Baby steps!

This goes hand-in-hand with the “set realistic goals” part. Don’t eliminate, but instead replace. Let’s say, when you go to the movies, and want popcorn, and you’d always have the heavily buttered popcorn; instead of cutting or eliminating it out, go slow, choose the lightly buttered or not buttered at all. Baby steps. Don’t go cold turkey! If your goal includes eliminating a specific behaviour, it must be replaced with a new behaviour if you want permanent change. If we don’t substitute a behaviour, we end up creating a big void that leads to obsessive thinking, which eventually leads to falling back into old patterns.

No.2 Seek knowledge, not results.

Ben Carson, author of Think Big : Unleashing Your Potential for Excellence said that, and I quote, “I am convinced that knowledge is power – to overcome the past, to change our own situations, to fight new obstacles, to make better decisions.” But the key is reliable knowledge doesn’t come from looking for reasons to think that you are right, instead, seek knowledge from your mistakes! Redoing a mistake and learning from it will make it a much stronger idea, because challenges will only make it stronger.

No. 3 Make the journey fun

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. Serious thing doesn’t have to be boring. You can make your journey enjoyable and fun. It’s an awesome game! The minute you make it serious, there’s a big chance it will start carrying a heavy emotional weight and you will lose perspective and become stuck again. If you’re not happy, you’re not successful. So, ENJOY the ride because success is a continuous journey – meet new people, and gain experiences through every day activity.

No.4 Avoid stagnating thoughts.

Our thoughts, no doubts, influences our feelings and feelings determine how you view your work. Undeniably, your mind is full of thoughts and you have full control on which ones you decide to focus on. There are two distinct kind of thoughts, 1) that will make you emotionally stuck, for example; fears and doubts, or the ones that will motivate you and move you further than you think you can; excitement, experimenting and courage to try new things, thus stepping out of your comfort zone. So, it is very important what you focus your mind on. If you have that problem, well then, here are ways to get out of it and continue your journey towards success.

The thought is like a river stream, it easy to get dragged down with it, but its okey, nonetheless, it will be quite distracting. Especially while you are on your way up to your goals.

Affirmation. Assertion, declaration, statement, proclamation, pronouncement, attestation, assurance.

“Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality.” ―Earl Nightingale

Meditate to focus your mind on your goal. Say it out loud and declare it. Claim it as yours and move your spirit to go forward and keep you out of a rut. Our subconscious is the factory that generates many of our thoughts—positive and negative—and can be reprogrammed not only with strong emotion but also through repetition. Affirmations lodge new operating instructions into your subconscious the same way that listening to a song on repeat will leave it stuck in your head for days.

Visualization. Imagine.

“What you imagine, you create.” ―Buddha

Visualization works like affirmation. Just imagine yourself doing or having whatever you want – whether it is working your dream job, lounging in a beautiful living room in your new home, it also attracts healthy emotions. When you consistently visualize yourself reacting to challenges in a calm and passionate manner, you will eventually manifest this behaviour.

Morning meditation at least 5 minutes a day can help you achieve a positive state of mind, then you will start to see powerful changes.

No.5 Don’t rely on others. Anybody. But do get support.

You must do this on your own. Not by relying on others – not your husband, wife, boss, partner, friends, N to the O, No! They might have their own goals to achieve and they will be too busy for you. Besides, it will feel much greater when you do it on your own! You’d be much prouder. But do surround yourself with people who support and give you functional criticism. Through this time of your life, you NEED to surround yourself with positive people. We don’t need people with negative vibes, they will just crush your dreams. It will set you back 10 squares!

Man jump through the gap. Element of design.

So there, here are the basics you need to get started. Plan wisely, be committed to your goals, be devoted to it like you are to your Korean series, always be honest with yourself – don’t cheat on yourself, make mistakes and learn from it, have fun throughout your journey, avoid negative thoughts, claim your success, never ever do it for others, and don’t rely on others to get what you want and most importantly, get your support group, moral support heals the soul and grows it. All the best!

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