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It is a super busy week because I am searching hi and low on how to fill up forms for my US Visa application.

This is my very first trip to Las Vegas & San Francisco, USA so I am so excited (extremely lol) and yet feeling so newbie in applying for Visa. I used to ask my travel agent to fill up and apply Australia Visa for me but this time we have to do it ourselves. Sobs.

Shaklee announced this incentive program last year to all their Shaklee Independent Distributors. It was launched in April 2018 through to March 2019 in which Shaklee will award all the qualified leaders a PAID TRIP to San Francisco and Global Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada in July 2019!


Everyone got so excited and strived hard for the past 12 months to fight for this PAID TRIP.

Thank you Shaklee.

I have submitted my personal details for 2018/2019 Shaklee International Trip to Las Vegas & San Francisco last 2 weeks.

This is the form submitted to Shaklee to confirm my participation.

Now, I will show you all the step by step how I fill up my Visa application via online.

First, go to this website US Visa Application

Click Yes if this is your first time and I applied as a Nonimmigrant type of Visa.

Inside the website you need to read all the information as stated for Nonimmigrant Visa Application.


You can either pay the Visa fees first or fill up your DS-160 form first but I choose to PAY FIRST because it takes 1 day for the payment to process.

Click on this tab Pay My Visa Fee and you will see all type of payment options available.

Here are the 3 options available;

  1. Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)
  2. JomPAY
  3. Cash at Bank (AmBank)

And I choose JomPAY because it is the easiest option, personally for me =) I don’t really like to go to the bank to process Bank Draft because sometimes it takes super long just to prepare a Bank Draft.

First, do remember to Register as a New User to create your profile and password.

Create New User Profile

After you register as a new user, fill up the first few information required. I am applying as a Non-immigrant Visa holder, for Business/Tourism (category B1/B2). Then you can logout and login again. You will then see some of the information is updated.

This is what you will see once you have fill up the details required.

Click on the Fee Payment and it will link to the Pay My Fees page. Then you can generate your JomPAY Deposit Slip using the link as shown below.

This is the JomPAY option that I prefer.

I am choosing B type of Visa so my fees will be $160. Make sure you check your fees before you select JomPAY Deposit Slip.


This is my JomPAY Deposit Slip with the expiration date. So make sure you bank in before the expiration date or you will have to print a new deposit slip again.

Biller Code is always 5116 and the Ref-1 number is your unique code (14 digits)

You must remember and key in the exact same 14 digits of number as the Ref-1 during the online transfer.

Biller Code: 5116

Ref-1: 14 digits number on your deposit slip

Once you have paid, keep the transaction slip as a proof.

TADAA! I am done!



Now, this is the next step. Click on this tab Complete My DS-160. Read all the details carefully and Click on the word here and you will be directed to the DS-160 form.

Click the word “here”

Select your Location, enter the security code and Start and Application

Important Notes:

Application ID

Security Question

The most important thing to jot down when you are filling up this DS-160 form is to remember your Application ID just in case you are logged out during the application process.

And don’t forget the answer to the security question that you have selected. Please don’t choose a super tough question that you might get confused with the answer LOL!

Shaklee actually emailed to us all the details to include in the form so I took just 20 minutes to fill up the online form.

Oh ya, another important thing is the photo attached.

You can take a nice studio photo but I just took a selfie against a white wall as background. The size and photo file size is given on the website.

This is the given dimension and size. No spectacles and blazer is allowed.

It’s a little bit hard to resize right? Don’t worry.

Here is the trick for you haha.

I am using Paint on my laptop to resize the photo to 600 pixel x 600 pixel

  1. Choose Paint on your laptop
  2. Select Resize
  3. Choose by Pixels and adjust accordingly
This is the Paint app that I am using. Can resize to your preferred pixels too!

And my photo passed on the first upload attempt! Easy peasy =)

On the last page, just double check all your details before you submit. Make sure all the details are accurate.


You can print this confirmation page with the barcode for your interview session at the Embassy later on.

This is my confirmation page! hehe


So after you have filled up the DS-160 form, now it’s time to schedule for the interview appointment. No walk in case will be accepted so plan well ya.

The most important thing for this step is to make sure you choose the right time for your appointment. Please plan accordingly so that you are not required to make another visa application fee if you reschedule more than the number of times allowed by the Embassy.

Choose Schedule An Appointment 

Schedule your appointment =)

Now, key in the Email and Password that you have created before this.

And don’t forget to check the Privacy Policy box. It’s too small there and sometimes I do forget as well LOL.

When you first login, you will have to select Create New Appointment.

Fill up all the details as required.

DS-160 confirmation number

Payment Confirmation key in the Ref-1 No (14 digits number)

Schedule for your appointment

And you are DONE! I have booked mine on 13 June 2019.

Be presentable on your interview day and bring all the documents as required by the Embassy. Bring also additional supporting documents that you have to support your application process.

Good luck! Pray for me that my US Visa is approved ya! I will post another blogpost for my Interview session and Visa approval part in my next post after my interview session.

Thank you Shaklee for sponsoring my very first US trip. All my hard work and effort for the whole 1 year cycle is super worth it when Shaklee announced that I qualified for this US trip. Wish to know how do I fight for this trip? Feel free to Whatsapp me anytime =)

Our new cycle has just started from April 2019 until March 2020. Shaklee has announced the next trip and we are all super duper excited!!

International Trip – Switzerland

Regional Trip – Seoul, Korea

Come and Join US in the next PAID trip!! =)

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