We all have that lazy-girl-skincare routine in ourself right? Don’t worry. Don’t feel ashamed. But we should at least make an effort to clean our face after a long night right? So, here are a few simple quick tips for that lazy girl in us.

Lazy Girl Tip #1 Get Some Sleep! Should be easy to do right?
Get your beauty sleep lady! The recommended 6-8 hours a night allows your body to revive the skin through a process called microcirculation. While you are slobbering away, your body circulates more blood and oxygen to your skin, repairing damage and building necessary cells. The precious 6-8 hours of snoozing will ensure you won’t need to remedy puffy eyes, dark circles or dull, sleep-deprived skin.

Lazy Girl Tip #2 Drink water!
To keep you skin hydrated and plump, drink enough water on a daily basis. Please do not wait ’till you are thirsty. Drink water at least every 20-30minutes. This will ensure your skin is constantly hydrated enough to function at its optimum. By doing this, skin cells, made mostly from water, don’t become damaged as water assists in flushing harmful toxins from your skin and body.

Lazy Girl Tip #3 Clean your face, at least, BEFORE BEDTIME!
No matter how lazy you are. Please, please, I don’t care how lazy and tired you are at night, but please do not skip cleaning your face after a long day and before bedtime. Going to bed without washing your face will inhibit micro circulation, the process where skin is revived. As a result, bacteria will cling to your skin’s pores, causing acne breakouts and premature wrinkles. Plus, you’ll get your makeup all over your pillow case. It is very unhygienic.

Lazy Girl Tip #4 Don’t stop there, AT LEAST, put on a mask.
While your skin goes through micro circulation, allow overnight products to further revive skin. They’re ideal as you only have to open, apply and rinse the following morning.

Lazy Girl Tip #5 Protect your skin with SPF moisturiser.
Good morning lazy girl! Slap on SPF moisturizer onto your skin before going out about your day. Its a sunscreen + moisturiser, a two in one product for a quick skincare routine. It is vital that you protect your skin against the sun’s UV rays as they cause wrinkles. Failing to do so will damage important skin cells and weaken fibres called elastin and collagen. This will cause a process called photoaging, which results in premature wrinkles and saggy skin. So, it’s imperative that you apply a sensible SPF to your skin each morning.

Lazy Girl Tip #6 Have a backup beauty bag in your handbag.
It is ideal and so so convenient to have a backup beauty bag with you all the time. No matter what the situation, your backup beauty bag ensures you have all skincare essentials, like make-up wipes and skin cream. One benefit, is that you will always have extras should your products run out before you expect them to.

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