What is leucine? Leucine is one of the main ingredient in weight and muscle managing supplements. But do you know what it really is? ‘kay, let me tell you what leucine really is.

The amino acid got its name from the Greek word, leukos which means “white”

Leucine is one of the branched-chain amino acids; in other words BCAAs – sound familiar? Especially if you are a gym-rat, you’d know what BCAAs are. As 99.9% of our gym enthusiasts, or fitness junkies, you’d probably know that it is an important component in assisting muscular health. It was first discovered in its impure form in cheese back in 1819, and a year after that in its crystalline form from muscles and wool. The amino acid got its name from the Greek word, leukos which means “white”, since at that time the purification of the substance in question from natural to a white, crystalline state was considered to be noteworthy. Only in the end of the 19th century the structure of Leucine was established by laboratory synthesis and recognised as one of the three branched-chain amino acids.

Now, what are the uses, what are the main functions of Leucine? Well, Leucine is considered as a vital amino acid for the protein synthesis and various metabolic functions – in other words, it is an essential amino acid, which helps in regulating the blood-sugar levels, promotes the growth and recovery of muscle and bone tissues, as well as the production of the growth hormone. Leucine is also known for preventing the breakdown of muscle proteins caused by injury or stress. In addition, Leucine may be beneficial for people suffering from phenylketonuria – an inherited inability to metabolize phenylalanine, which, if left untreated will cause brain and nerve damage.

Leucine does not only benefit in muscle preservation, but also as a yielding substance that aids and enhances fat burning. Leucine turned out to be a great tool not just for muscle building, but for the weight loss as well. Those people who have taken different muscle builders and fat burners, and are apparently searching for something else to give them a finer edge, taking a Leucine supplement might be a good idea. Studies have revealed that this amino acid acts in a unique way: unlike other amino acids, it aids in burning fat without burning a muscle by sparing the muscle proteins and leaving them to assist in building and in increasing the muscle gain and mass. In other words, it is a great supplement for all those gym rats or dieters who have to workout regularly in attempt to build up muscles while keeping the fat off the body. Researches confirmed that people staying on the protein-rich diet, which includes enough of Leucine, lose more body fat while retaining a more lean muscle mass.

Do keep in mind that Leucine is an essential amino acid, so your body cannot product it naturally but only can be obtained from food and supplements. Food containing Leucine includes protein-rich animal like fish, chicken, beef, also dairy and eggs. But if you are a vegan but not cutting out dairy and eggs from your vegan diet, the Shaklee Cinch Shake is your best bet in getting the essential daily intake of Leucine into your diet. The shakes can be mixed with non-fat milk or low-fat soy milk.

If you really wanna lose those extra kilos and preserve the healthiness of your muscles, Shaklee Cinch Shake is your best friend! While helping you lose fats, it maintains your muscle mass and encourage muscle growth. Other than providing you with the energy you need, and keeping you full throughout the day, Cinch will also help you regulate your glucose level and most importantly, Cinch will help get your monstrous appetite under control!

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