Muscadine Grapes, the famous name that Mommy J often promotes to everyone.

So today, let’s learn further what are Muscadine Grapes and how it helps us in terms of health and beauty.

The common name for this wonderful fruit is Muscadine, Bullace, Scuppernong, Southern Fox Grape. The muscadine grape is native to the southeastern United States, found in the wild from Delaware to the Gulf of Mexico and westward to Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Texas. Many older varieties were selections from the wild, but the Georgia Agricultural Experiment Station and the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture have introduced a number of improved varieties that have become standard cultivars.

Ok, I know it sounds so scientific right? Lolz

The earliest named variety was Scuppernong, found growing wild in northeastern North Caroline in 1810 by Dr. Calvin Jones. Scuppernong has become another name for all muscadine grapes. Commercial production of muscadine grapes is essentially limited to the U.S. Southeast. Muscadines are well adapted to the warm, humid conditions of the southeastern U.S., where the American and the European grape do not prosper. Its lack of frost hardiness also limits it to this same region, except for some West Coast locations.

The plant may be injured by minimum winter temperatures of 0° F, and should not be grown in regions where temperatures frequently go below 10° F. Muscadines can be grown in California and adjacent areas, but are not as well adapted as other cultivated grapes. In coastal areas of the West the lack of sufficient summer heat produces berries that tend to be small and generally lacking in sugar.

The vines also do not fare well in the low humidity of many interior sections. On the other hand muscadines perform satisfactorily in the warmer grape growing regions of California, Oregon and Washington.

Did you know that muscadines are antioxidant powerhouses, surpassing even nutritional superstars like blueberries and pomegranates in their antioxidant content?

Muscadines are especially high in the antioxidants resveratrol and ellagic acid. Resveratrol is the antioxidant that is responsible for red wine’s heart-healthy reputation, and the mighty muscadine has nine times more antioxidant power than the red grapes used to make wine, especially California’s red wines.

They also contain six times the fiber, and muscadine wines may contain three to four times the amount of phenolic compounds (which have antioxidant properties), plus a higher ellagic acid content than your average red wine. Muscadine grapes are fat free, high in fiber and high in antioxidants.

The health benefits of wine have been studied for years and research has indicated that moderate drinking can reduce heart attacks by 50 percent. According to Dr. Serge Renaud, a French scientist and pioneer in alcohol research “Antioxidants in wine help prevent damage to blood vessels, help prevent heart disease. as many as 400 other chemicals in wine raise the level of HDL in blood. HDL is the good cholesterol that helps prevent heart attack and stroke.

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