Hi! Today I am going to share my Shaklee journey with all of you.

I am not a supplement person. Not that I don’t trust supplements but I just don’t like to swallow pills. Haha. Even if I sick, I prefer to stay home and rest, sweat it out and let my body recover on its own.

I started to consume vitamins diligently when I was pregnant with Jayden. First pregnancy, so I am super paranoid lol. I wanted the best for my baby so I took multivitamin, Neurogain and calcium tablets consistently. The same goes to baby Jeana. I took everything my gynae gave me.

After I gave birth to baby Jeana, I had a terrible back pain. Seriously it was super pain especially when I carried her. My gynae advised me to take more healthy food and calcium. Since I was fully breastfeeding baby Jeana at that time, calcium is very very important for me. But I can’t take drink milk because I have lactose intolerance.

And soon after my confinement, I had a terrible skin. I was very pale and my skin looked super dull. I felt myself getting older by 10 years right after my confinement. Sob sob…

Aging is no joke wei. Haha.

I did a lot of surveys and Googled here and there during my maternity leaves. And I found out Shaklee supplements. There were a lot of positive reviews about Shaklee supplements so I decided to give it a try. I purchased a set of Postnatal supplements and signed up as member. My total points were sufficient to earn me FREE membership worth RM69.00.

After consuming ESP, SR Vita C Plus, Ostematrix for about 1 month, I was really happy with the outcome. I felt fresher in the morning, no more terrible back pain and my colleagues even praised me for having glowing skin! Awhhhh. I was really really excited to see the positive #shakleeeffect on me.

My Shaklee leader then added me into the business group. That was the very first time I saw a super supportive and inspiring group. Leaders who kept pushing us and challenged us to be better everyday. Non-stop wei!!

I started to fall in love with the business plan and the lovely group.

This is my #shakleefamily hierarchy.

s2ufamilies led by Master Iffah Anuar
Surijunior led by Master Farihah
D’Alfatih Empire led by Master Nor Fahana
Rich Young Group led by Master Hasifah
Magnetic Riqz Group led by Ita Athirah
Victorious Diamond Group led by Munirah Mohd Ali
The Go-Getters led by myself, Jeslynn Seow

I share what I know.

I share what I love.

With the aim to spread the importance of health and beauty to everyone I love. Health is Wealth. With abundance of money and an unhealthy body, there is nothing much you can do. So, love your health, love your body.

I joined Shaklee on 16 Aug 2016. I tried my best to promote Shaklee products and to my surprised, I managed to rank up Supervisor level by 30 Sept 2016. I managed to secure my highest bonus 21% and received RM1.8 k bonus. I was shocked!


My very first bonus without any capital. I became more and more excited to work harder. Haha.

My achievements:

Sept 2016 – Supervisor, received my first 4 figures bonus
Nov 2016 – Senior Supervisor + First Stage Car Bonus
Dec 2016 – Coordinator + Second Stage Car Bonus
Jan 2017 – Senior Coordinator + Final Stage; Fast Track Car Bonus Achiever
May 2017 – Received my first 5 figures bonus

I managed to groom 24 leaders who are earning RM 1.5 – RM 10 k of bonus monthly.

In 2017, TGG now has

3 Senior Coordinators
2 Coordinators
8 Senior Supervisors
18 Supervisors

And we are expanding! We will conquer Sarawak! This year we are going to grow bigger and build 20 more leaders in TGG.


I am thankful for the opportunity and super blessed with the achievements I get today. My hard work is paid off. And I will continue to strive to be Master Coordinator 2018.

With Shaklee business, I finally have the courage to resign from my 9-5 office job as an Engineer. Not that the pay is low, I just feel stressed working as an Engineer and keep worrying about my children. It was not easy to arrange time to fetch my son from school, to arrange who to take care of them if they fall sick, to arrange who to take care of them if school is closed etc.

I have no regret with the decision I made. I am a happier person with time flexibility to enjoy my life together with my children.

So, my advise to all of you; Dare to Dream, Dare to Make a Change.

Do not let your FEAR decides your future.

Whenever there’s an opportunity in front of you, grab it!

“What will be the worst scenario if you fail in your Shaklee business?”

I am more than excited to help you to earn side income with the knowledge and experiences I have. If you would like to join Mommy J in TGG, you are most welcomed to Whatsapp or visit my Facebook, Jeslynn Seow.

Let’s help more people to be healthy and pretty.

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Thank you =)

Senior Coordinator
Fast Track Car Bonus Achiever
Email: jess_sll@yahoo.com
Facebook: Jeslynn Seow
Instagram: @jeslynnbeautyshop
Whatsapp: +6019-2116800


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