esMenstruation, commonly known as period is a natural physiological process inside a woman’s body which ensures the reproductive safety and security of a woman. Every month, for 3-7 days, the matured eggs are released from the uterine wall along with other chemicals, hormones and blood. This natural process comes in a woman’s life every month with some side effects such as- abdominal cramps, bloating, exhaustion and stress.

With age, it becomes important for women to increase the external intake of calcium in their bodies because calcium tends to decrease than usual. This decrease often leads to unbearable bone and joint pains and cramps.

We often feel skeptical about taking supplements but the case is different with Shaklee’s Ostematrix. This product is a combination of some important natural ingredients which altogether provide an optimum activity against bone and joint pain and cramps.

Lets’ find out what Shaklee’s Ostematrix has to offer us!

We all know that calcium acts the blocking build of our bones. But it’s not only calcium that acts this way, copper, zinc, magnesium, vitamin D; boron and manganese also provide similar effects which ultimately strengthen the bones of the body.

Calcium: Building Block for the bones

Boron: Helps in the metabolism of bones

Magnesium: Helps to incorporate calcium into bones

Vitamin D: Creates stimulation in Calcium Absorption

Manganese, copper and zinc: Activates enzymes that build the mass of the bones

You know, when we can take precautions in life from future disruptions, we should take them. When we age, our bones lose the natural capacity to remain healthy and strong, hence our body requires external supplements. External supplements are not harmful as long as they are natural and have valid clinical and therapeutic outcomes. Shaklee Ostematrix is no different in this case.

Interested to try this Shaklee Ostematrix? 1 bottle can last for 1-2 months.

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