Have you ever felt yourself salivating over a food advertisement on the tv, the internet or even the newspaper? Their ability to attract us makes even the most disgusting vegetable tasty! Picky eating is a norm when it comes to children or even adults! Picky eaters are a challenge, I admit it. But parents should know their responsibilities in making sure their children eat healthy and nutritious food. When children goes through the rapid growth of infancy, they usually triple in weight but when they reach a toddler’s growing phase their growth and  their appetite will slow down. This is one of the main cause of this picky eating situation. Though it can be explained in that manner, some are just traumatized due to certain experiences they went through in life.

Play with colors and make use of your creativity!

When we were growing up, parents would tell us that we should not play with our food, right? Well, why not! Let’s play with our food and make meal time fun for your toddlers. There are few ways to actually attract picky eaters especially toddlers to eat their veges and get a proper diet. First, get creative! It doesn’t hurt to be a little creative. Children are scientifically proven to be attracted to bright colors. Why not make your plate filled with different colors of vegetables like a purple cabbage and an orange carrot. Just, play with colors! Also, try cutting food into various shapes with cookie cutters into their favorite shape and cartoon characters.

Hello Kitty Bento

For children, specifically toddlers, something different seems to be really attractive and downright fun. Mums and Dads should try to give their food a crazy name.  Any name is fine but why not, something funny like naming broccoli Magic Trees.

We all know how hard it is to see our children becoming unhealthy or underweight just because they don’t want to eat many types of food and of course we had our researches on how to make our children eat more nutritious food.

Sometimes, parents don’t want to invest their time and energy in finding a way to actually make their children eat the right food. We at Shaklee will help you save your time and energy because we have an answer. A nutritious, yummy and creamy beverage that is  rich with  calcium, dietary fibres and protein. Great food on-the-go for everyone called Shaklee’s Meal Shakes. This shake comes in a tasty  flavor – French vanilla. It is rich in all the nutrients needed for our body in our daily life because malnutrition issues are not something trivial and can be taken for granted. Secure your child’s health with Shaklee’s Meal Shakes and be worry-free!

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