Congratulations on the arrival of your bundle of joy! Now, the 9 months of carrying your precious cargo is over, it is time to nurse the baby and yourself back to health. The phase of which after you have deliver your baby is called the postpartum period which ends when the mother’s body has nearly returned to its pre-pregnant state. This period commonly lasts six or up to eight weeks. The postpartum period is a delicate period for the mother, it involves the mother progressing through changes, both physically and emotionally, all the while learning how to deal with the changes and need adjustments required with becoming a new mother. The postpartum period also involves the parents learning how to care for their newborn and learning how to function as a changed family unit.

Your health is as important as your baby’s. Find time for a short nap during the day to relieve exhaustion.

First things first, a mother needs to take good care of herself to rebuild her strength. You will need plenty of rest, good nutrition, and help during the first few weeks. Every new parent soon learns that babies have different time clocks and sleep times than adults. Most newborns will be awake 3 to 5 times at night needing to be fed, changed and comforted. Especially if this is a parent’s first experience, the mother in particularly can be overwhelmed with exhaustion. Although 8 hours of sleep will all be just a dream for several months, there are a few suggestions that may be useful in finding ways to get more rest.

  • In the first few weeks, a mother needs to be relieved of all responsibilities other than feeding the baby and taking care of herself.
  • Sleep when the baby sleeps. This may be only a few minutes of rest several times a day, but these minutes can add up.
  • Save steps and time. Have your baby’s bed near yours for feedings at night.
  • Many new parents enjoy visits from friends and family, but new mothers should not feel obligated to entertain. Feel free to excuse yourself for a nap or to feed your baby.
  • Get outside for a few minutes each day. You can begin walking and doing postpartum exercises, as advised by your health care provider.
  • After the first two to three weeks, introduce a bottle to breastfed babies for an occasional nighttime feeding. This way, someone else can feed the baby, and you can have a longer period of uninterrupted sleep.
Don’t do it alone. Get help from family members or hire a help to manage the chores and other errands.

Another way to not feel overwhelmed with exhaustion is by getting help from your family or relatives. Meeting the constant needs of a newborn involves time and energy and often takes parents away from other responsibilities in the home. Although many parents do fine on their own, having someone else helping with the household responsibilities usually makes the adjustment to a new baby easier. Parents can concentrate on the needs of mother and baby, rather than the laundry or dirty dishes. Helpers can be family, friends, or a paid home care provider. It is generally best for the new mother to be relieved of all responsibilities except the feeding and care of herself and her baby. This is especially important if she is breastfeeding. Others should assume the chores in the home such as cooking, cleaning, laundry, and grocery shopping. This will help the new mother take care of herself, and keep her from limiting her time with her baby.

Finally, the most important and crucial part of healing; nutrition. During and after pregnancy, the mother’s body has undergone multiple changes. During postpartum period, she will need to fully recover from pregnancy and childbirth. In addition to rest and additional help, she will need to maintain a healthy diet to promote speedy healing and recovery and be able to be healthy and active to be able to care for her baby. Most lactation experts recommend that breastfeeding mothers should eat when they are hungry. But many mothers may be so tired or busy that food gets forgotten. So, it is essential to plan simple and healthy meals that include choices from all of the recommended groups or get into a post-natal supplements to ensure the mother gets all the proper nutrition.

Shaklee’s Post Natal Set provides essential nutrients to support the mother’s recovery, it also helps her get back to her normal shape, regain energy and supports health while giving the baby the nutrition they need to grow strong and healthy through breastfeeding.

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