A baby’s skin is naturally more delicate and sensitive than adult skin. You probably be wondering why and why your baby’s skin gets irritated when using your everyday body wash.

Basically, a baby’s skin is 30% thinner than that of an adult, and it gets dry and irritated easily, loses its moisture quicker, twice as quick. Babies are also sensitive to temperature change due to their thinner skin, so it’s important to always keep your baby nice and warm during colder days, and keep them cool during scorching hot days!

A dry and irritated skin can really make your baby feel uncomfortable. That is why it is important to pay extra attention to the kind of products that will help moisturize and keep your baby’s skin healthy. When choosing products to use on a baby’s skin, you will need to make sure that is specially formulated for delicate skin. With delicate skin and developing bodies that are more vulnerable to external factors than an adult’s, babies look to you to provide exactly what they need and with Shakleebaby, it’s only the best.

Shakleebaby™ understands your baby’s needs and only uses SAFE, GENTLE and ORGANIC ingredients to provide the best skin care for your little tots.

Why Shakleebaby skincare is; Always safe? Always gentle?

Shakleebaby does not contain 1,4-dioxane, sodium lauryl sulphate, parabens, formaldehyde, or phthalates synthetic fragrances or artificial colours. The packaging is also free of bisphenol-A, phthalates, and toxic inks. From the content to the packaging, Shakleebaby ensures that their product for babies suit the sensitive and delicate skin of your young ones.

Shakleebaby is gentle on the your baby’s skin as well. As we discussed in the previous paragraphs, a baby’s skin is five times thinner and more permeable than an adult’s, making babies more susceptible to toxins, so the Shakleebaby products are: 99% natural ingredients, contains 76% – 99% organic ingredients and hypoallergenic PH balanced.

Did you know that not all organic products are created equally? In addition to being 99% natural, Shakleebaby products are crafted only using certified organic ingredients that needs to pass the strict testing standards of Shaklee. Some companies use the word “organic” loosely and does not mention the actual content of organic ingredients in their products.

To make bath time more fun and gentle on baby, the Shakleebaby Gentle Wash is the perfect one. It is infused with organic chamomile, lavender and aloe vera. This extra gentle wash soothes, calms and relaxes the skin. Aside from being gentle on the skin, it is also a no-tears formula so it will not irritate or burn your baby’s eyes. Hypoallergenic, pH balanced and sensitivity tested to shower even the most tender skin with love.

But showering can cause the natural oils on your baby to be stripped away; restore the moisture onto your baby’s skin with the Shakleebaby Soothing Lotion. With the help of organic chamomile, lavender, rosemary oil, vanilla oil, sunflower seed oil, jojoba seed oil and shea butter, the infusion of these ingredients help moisturised your baby’s skin; keeping it silky soft, and supple. To enhance your bond between you and your baby, why not try the Shakleebaby massage oil.

Since the Shakleebaby’s set can now be bought individually, why not use this opportunity to grab the massage oil and use it to massage your baby. Massaging your baby can strengthen your bond, relaxes and calms your baby. With sunflower oil, lavender and chamomile for a relaxing and gentle loving touch.

Take advantage of the Shakleebaby’s products for your baby’s own gain. The products are not only for baby’s but also for adults who have sensitive skin. Since Shaklee now sell the product individually, they are having a 30% off on all Shakleebaby products and get a free towel and travel toiletries bag when you purchase a set.

Want more info on the products or the best deals and a free consultation? Contact Mommy J, and get your free consultation and best deals on Shaklee supplements for a healthier and fuller life!

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