One problem with countries on the South East Asia side, especially right now, in Malaysia, when it gets too hot, swampy areas burst into flames, and causes burning. And when it gets too hot, the ground gets hot and the trees die and get so dry that they burn themselves. Or sometimes, burning are caused by irresponsible people. But how can you stop this, right? What you could do is beat the haze, and stay healthy throughout the ordeal.

No. 1 Avoid Exposure

The first thing would be to avoid exposure. Obviously. Don’t stay outside for too long if you can. Inhaling burning residue is a life hazard. It can make you ill – causes coughing and worst for those who has asthma. It irritates the eye as well. Also, if you are a healthy junkie and must get in a 30 minute run, at least, do it indoors. Avoid exercising in the open. Activities that makes you breathe deeply can make you suck in pollutants deep into your lungs. It is also best to avoid smoking. Other than exposing your lungs to the same toxins found in hazy conditions, smoking makes your lungs more sensitive to the effects of the air pollutants.

No. 2 Stay Indoors!

This is the best time to stay indoors. Stay indoors as much as possible and keep all doors and windows closed shut. It is also best to invest in a good quality air purifier with a drop or two of lemon essential oil as it will help you clear the air or eucalyptus or peppermint essential oil to clear any congestion and coughing. If you have an air conditioner, turn it on but make sure the air filter is clean!

No.3 If you can’t abide to no.1 and no.2 – WEAR A MASK!

It is advisable that those advises those with existing heart or respiratory ailments, or those more susceptible to the effects of haze to wear a respiratory mask when outdoors.

Respiratory masks, such as N95 masks, are designed to keep out fine particulate matter and hence protect the wearers from breathing in the smoke particles in the air. The mask should be changed when it gets soiled or distorted in shape.

A note of caution: surgical masks and paper masks do not provide adequate protection from haze particles. Their main purpose is to prevent the spread of body fluids and do not filter out haze particles.

No.4 Alleviate the symptoms caused by the HAZE!

Haze often cause a couple of known illness. It irritates the nose, throat, airways, skin as well as the eyes. The common symptoms include sneezing, runny nose, dry throat, cough and eye irritation.

Symptoms like sneezing, runny nose, dry throat and cough can be relieved through simple cough tablets or mixtures available in pharmacies. Other than cough medicine, it is also best to prevent than cure, right? Why not take Shaklee Sustained Release Vita C Plus to boost immune system and keep your family healthy.

If you experience irritation in the eye, it is best to apply a few drops of saline solution to act as natural tear supplements. This will help wash away haze compounds or dust particles that get into the eyes.


No. 5 Tweak your diet

Well, prepare your body for the change around you. If the haze in your area continues to disrupt your daily activity, and it is impossible for you to not go outside and get exposed, it may help that you make certain changes in your daily nutrients that will provide a measure of internal pollution protection.

Vitamin A rich-foods such as liver, carrots, sweet potatoes, mangoes, spinach contains can help you protect your eyes, lungs and the oxygen-capabilities of your bloodstream, and help put up a wall of defence to your lungs from air pollution. The oxidizing chemicals in haze destroy the vitamin A stores in the lung tissue, thus decreasing the efficiency of the body’s first line of defence against carcinogens.

To easily incorporate Vitamin A, you could try the Shaklee Vita Lea Iron Formula. It contains multi-vitamin goodness, including Vitamin A (as beta carotene) found in carrots, sweet potatoes, red and yellow peppers, etc.

Vitamin C and E together to keep lung tissue healthy. It helps the body in fighting free radicals and renew damaged cells. Daily supplements of both builds up levels of a protective protein that prevents enzymes released during inflammation from destroying the lung’s elastic properties. Shaklee Sustained Released Vita C Plus and Shaklee Vita E Complex is a great combo to protect your internal organs and keeping it healthy. Vitamin C will help you boost your immune system and keeps your skin healthy. Vitamin E in the other hand protects Vitamin C and A from being destroyed in the body. It also acts an antioxidant property, as well as aids in the absorption of oxygen.

Researchers say that selenium activates glutathione peroxidase, as important antioxidant enzyme that helps keep lung tissue elastic. Foods rich in selenium include grains, seeds and fish. On the plus side, selenium can also be found in the Shaklee Vita E Complex! Great right?

In addition, it is probably best to avoid foods high in saturated fats. Why? Saturated fat intakes has been linked to a higher risk of developing lung cancer. Instead, train yourself to eat lots of salads, and other raw vegetables and fresh fruits! Lalapan sounds great righ about now, with all the blanched local veges, you can never go wrong.

If the haze around your area hasn’t subside and your body is starting to show signs of illness, get on the phone and contact Mommy J for a free consultation and for the best deals on Shaklee supplements.

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