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Hey guys! Welcome back to Jeslynn’s blog, providing you the knowledge, tips and tricks for a full healthy life, and beautiful skin. What is coming in November? I can hear you wondering and asking.


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Well, this November, we will travel back into the past, waaaayy back to the 1st century BC where the first ever anti-aging skin regime was first documented, also making our way back through the legendary beauty goddess, lover to the Great Julius Caeser; Cleopatra, the Virgin Queen of England Elizabeth Tudor her signature porcelain white skin and her toxic everyday skin regime, Marie Antoinette’s famous face mask, and into the 60s to visit Princess Diana for her tips for clear beautiful skin.


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Pack your reading glasses and favorite fuzzy blanket because we are travelling the world to explore and learn the different beauty tips that has been passed down through generations of people. We’ll come back to the most vital piece of information, the important lessons regarding to the ambiguous ingredients, the importance and the benefits and what the body needs to stay healthy and maintain its vitality and youthfulness.


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Finally, we’ll have an in-depth reading session with some of Shaklee products and what it has to offer that makes Shaklee’s top selling products; exploring them, the science behind it, and what it does for you!

Alright, here you go! I’ll be posting every Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, at 12pm for your reading pleasure! Can’t wait to share what I’ve discovered throughout my researches. In the meantime, take care and be on the lookout for the first post, tomorrow!

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