I started to consume Shaklee supplements after giving birth to baby Jeana. I used to take Shaklee supplements before I got married but as usual, on off type. Haha.

Jeremy’s favorite breakfast menu

I had terrible backpain when carrying my baby and my skin looked really dull after my confinement. So, I searched online and I got to know about Shaklee. Since my friend was actively selling Shaklee, I Pm’ed her to know more about Shaklee. I got myself FREE membership because I purchased a total of products worth 200 uv points.

I purchased Ostematrix bundle 6+1 promo, ESP, Vitamin C, Lecithin and Alfalfa. I took all of them and I was super happy with the #shakleeeffect.

I am not a fan of supplements and I am a super lazy person to take supplements. But after taking Shaklee supplements, it has becomes a daily routine to me. I took all my daily necessary supplements diligently.

My all time favorite are Vivix, Collagen, Vita C, Ostematrix, Nutriferon.


I am a person who is very particular when it comes to food. I cook healthy homemade food for my kids until they are 2. I try my very very best to reduce (or even eliminate) sugar and salt in my cooking.


That’s the reason why I choose Shaklee. Shaklee is known as #1 NATURAL nutrition company in the United States. I love the fact that Shaklee’s safety and standards are unsurpassed to ensure that our products are Always Safe.

  • They have invested over $250 million in clinical testing, research and development.
  • They Conduct 350 tests per Ingredient as well as 100,000 product quality tests and 23,000 purity and safety tests per year.
  • They select the purest and most natural ingredients.
  • Shaklee products are free of artificial ingredients and harmful chemicals that you may find in competitive products.
  • They work with toxicologists to develop lists of chemicals that are potentially dangerous to humans and we keep these lists up to date to make sure these are chemicals are absent from our products.


Shaklee’s scientists constantly find pure and potent ingredients from nature, review scientific literature and conduct their own studies to verify efficacy and utmost effectiveness.


Shaklee products are backed by over 100 published scientific papers and presentations that show they make a difference in your health. One of these tests was the Landmark Study, which demonstrated that people who took Shaklee supplements had markedly better health than those who took either a single multivitamin or no supplements at all.


Shaklee products have over patents and 70 patents-pending.


The patented Shaklee delivery system is designed to dramatically improve the absorption of key nutrients in the body, providing the right nutrients, in the right place, at the right time.



Shaklee Landmark Study!

This study findings help to validate what we in Shaklee have promoted all along.

  1. Long-term healthy Shaklee lifestyle approaches including smart dietary choices from foods and supplements, and regular exercise to achieve and maintain a healthy weight are indeed strong supporters of optimal health and vitality.
  2. And we want you to be sure that your healthy lifestyle includes a smart diet, supplementation, and exercise strategies as you strive to achieve optimal health.


Lower Heart Disease Risks

Lower Heart and Brain Related Disease

Lower Risk of Heart Disease, Cancer, Diabetes

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