Are you a food lover? Do you love food so much sometimes you don’t know when to stop eating? You just keep your stuffing your mouth and stomach with every delicious delicacies in front of you! Overeating is normal if you love food so much but do you know the side effects of overeating or over indulging?

First and foremost, when overeating – it means you will consume more calories than what your body actually needs. So those excess calories will be stored as fats! As food moves through your digestive tract and into the small intestine, where nutrients are absorbed, the liver and the pancreas begin to secrete enzymes to digest fats, carbs, and proteins. Cells in the intestinal walls absorb these macronutrients, along with vitamins and minerals, to be used for energy or storage. Excess calories that cannot be used for energy are stored as fat. Thus, you will gain those extra kilos!

Right after you stuff yourself, you stomach will swell from too much food. The stomach expands itself like a balloon to accommodate the large volume of food, which will then push against other organs in your body and makes you feel like you need to loosen your pants to make room to breathe. Furthermore, you will start feeling bloated and gassy. Why? Because every time you swallow food, air gets into the digestive track, and that gas expands in the stomach, making it feel bloated. This sensation is exacerbated if you consume carbonated beverages with your meal. Burping is a common side effect of eating too much food, because the build-up of gas needs to be released somehow.

Do you know to digest food, the stomach produces hydrochloric acid to break down food, and, if if there is an overloading of food in your stomach, the acid will lead back up into your esophagus, resulting in a painful heartburn – because the more you eat, the more acids your stomach will need to produce to break down all those food. You may also be more prone to heartburn if you are consuming more food that takes a longer food to breakdown and digest. Following the heartburn, your organs will have to work overtime too! Digesting a massive meal requires the organs to work in overdrive, secreting extra hormones and enzymes to break down the food. When this happens on the regular, issues can start to happen with metabolism and endocrine function, like insulin resistance, increased cortisol, and reduction in growth hormone.

Do you ever experience sleepiness, and drowsiness after a big lunch? Well, that’s because the pancreas releases the hormone insulin, it sends off a cascade of hormones to be released. Serotonin and melatonin, the feel good hormones, are released. This may make you feel tired and content. Other than feeling sleepy and tired, you will ultimately feel nauseated after a big BIG meal. Leptin, a hormone that is produced by the fat cells, tells the brain that you’re no longer hungry and need to stop eating. If you eat too fast, you may miss this signal and continue eating past the feeling of fullness, causing the body to produce more leptin. People that have more fat cells in their bodies may develop leptin resistance, making it even harder to recognize fullness, and, ultimately, lose weight.

Okey, lets just say it is during the festive season and you are visiting your friends and family. There will be tons of different spread of food and you would love to taste each and every one of the food, right? In the end making you feel all the above. Do not worry, Shaklee has its cure because Shaklee knows we are just human, and food is life!

After a series of heavy feasting and overeating, the Lecithin will come in handy, it will help you burn and emulsifies the excess calories that has turned into fats! Second product would be the Shaklee Herb-Lax, this will help you cleanse and regulate your bowel and relieve any constipation. The third product is the infamous Shaklee Alfalfa Complex. The Alfalfa Complex will help you cleanse your bowel as well as your blood. Finally, to maintain the health of your liver after screening through all those food for toxins and unwanted contamination, the Shaklee DTX Complex will help you detox your liver, eliminates fats and toxins as well.

So there you go, counteract your food coma and revive your body to its neutral state to live a much more healthier and happy life. Your organs will thank you for it, and so will your flat belly.

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